Friday, December 19, 2014

The Little Plant Pot People

Sparkle: "La, la, la. WHOA. What are you all doing here?"
Dinos: "It's an intervention."
Sparkle: "Why? What I do? What I do?"
Dinos: "It's more what you didn't do. We mean--wait. Where are you?"
Sparkle: "I'm right here. You've got my ear."
Archie: "See, that's part of the problem. These lame attempts at humor."
Sparkle: "Huh?"
Gustavo: "Don't even try to explain it to her. It's hopeless."
Dinos: "Look, let's ease you into this. Remember when you were young and wrote that story about the little people who lived in plant pots? And you never finished it?”"
Sparkle: “The Little Plant Pot People?”
Dinos: “Yeah. Great title--"
Sparkle: "I WAS 10!"
Dinos: "Whatev. Anyway, does that remind you of anything? Does never finishing 'The Little Plant Pot People' remind you of anything?”
Sparkle: “No, not really. Why?”
Rex: “Hey, guys! Remember that book she started writing a couple years ago? She never finished that, either.”
Clyde: “She didn't? Why, I thought for sure she had…”
Rex: “No. No she didn't. What a loser.”
Sparkle: “HEY! I’m standing right HERE! I HEARD THAT. And I am HURT.”
Bertie: "What the heck is wrong with you? You look weird. Weirder than usual."
Sparkle: “Nothing. Oh, you mean the box of cookies? Hey, isn't it Girl Scout Cookie Time? They've been on my mind lately."
Archie: "Again with the lame attempts at humor. Look, the sight gag would work better if the box were on your forehead and not on your nose. It's kind of tragic."
Gustavo: “Geez. Now look what you’ve gone and done. She's stormed out!”
Algernon: “Aw, forget it. She’s harmless. What's she gonna do, replace us?”
To Be Continued…