Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Making Life Easier (Poopsie Daisy?)

Before they hid very poorly, got caught by the robots, sent Algernon to try to negotiate with the robots, and ate the robots' electric pudding...

...the dinosaurs were planning a comeback...
Rex: "Looky! It says it will make life easier!!! We're gonna come back! We're gonna rule the world again!!! Woo-hoo!"
Lester: " might work..."
Gustavo: "I'm going to just sit over here and wait for you all to be disappointed. Let me know when it's lunchtime."

...just imagine their horror when they discovered humans' conception of "easy"...
Algernon: "Hey, guys? What's an attractive moisture barrier?"
Archie: "Let's analyze this Poopsie Daisy stuff. It must be the secret to their survival."
Victor: "Looky! Skis! Wheeeeee! Wait. What are skis?"
Nat: "You know, gazing into this mysterious hole topped by this skooshy thing, I feel smaller, more plastic, and more confused than ever. In fact, I feel extinct. Hold me."