Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Times Square Triviana

Here's a Flea Circus poster, 'cause I know you're itchin' to see it! (Flea Circuses= Landlocked Sea Monkeys!)And, here's a book I read over the past couple of days that I found to be darn entertaining. You might like it, but please don't sue me if you don't:One tiny bit of trivia that I learned from the book and that doesn't have anything to do with its story: Photographer Diane Arbus was married to the guy who played Sidney Freedman on MASH. Just one of those tiny facts one files away in case one finds oneself in a conversation that is at a dead lull. (It probably won't help such a situation because the other person will likely either say, "Who?" So what?" or "No duh," but, y'know, just in case...)

Behold a related video, just to take advantage of the miracle of the YouTube!

Learn more on the Web site for the book!
Have a swell weekend!