Thursday, February 21, 2008

Give My Egads To Boadway

I am so vey scewed.

It appeas that a cetain key on my laptop is malfunctioning. Thee is a good chance that thee is a fickin' cumb stuck unde it.

Who could have guessed how many wods this lette is in? Lots of wods I use with my clients, such as:

1) Dea Ms. X,
2) Best egads,
3) This section needs ewoking. EWOKING!
4) Wong wod
5) Edito Notes
6) Fagment
7) I have ewitten this section; ead it caefully.
8) Seious gammatical poblems.
9) Un-on

Ats! I'm gonna lose all cedibility. This will NOT look pofessional. I will look etaded.* Vey, vey etaded.

Testing. One, two, thee. Testing. One, two, thee.



Testing. One, two, three. All RIGHT! It's back! The crumb must have sifted. Sifted. Sifted. SIT! I sould vac the cap (SIT! The cumb as subdivided and scooted unde bot keys!) out of my keyboad.
SCEWED, I tell you, SCEWED!

*Yet not quite as etaded as the estauant down te road tat used to call itself "Tom's Pube" in an attempt to seem ustic.
**A cuss used by my geat-gandad. Was supposed to calm im down befoe "damn." Yet, I bet geat-gandad skipped to "Damn" lickety-split when is best fiend accidentally sot is eye out! Poo one-eyed geat-gandad.