Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Words of Wisdom

1) "Never jump from a window except as a last resort."
2) "Newspapers have an innocent air, but just wait until they meet Old Man Fire."
3) "Unfortunately head lice are no respecters of persons."
4) "Many women treat their pillows to astonishing neglect!"
5) "Let a handy man do the heavy cleaning."
6) "If desirable flavors can be absorbed, so can undesirable flavors!"
7) "The yellowing of piano keys troubles many homemakers..."
8) "Children love to fly kites, and it is up to you to see that they indulge in this sport where there are no power lines nearby." Sport? Kite flying is a sport?
9) "Too much wax is the great offender."
10) "Contracts that are long, detailed, and printed in parts in small type are likely to contain 'jokers.'"