Monday, February 4, 2008

Bowls That Will Not Make You Weep

So, as my highly esteemed blogeague No Oprah notes, there was this big football game called a "Super Bowl" and the team 'most everybody I know wanted to win lost. So, here are some other bowls.

SUPPER BOWL '08! (DANG--it's time to wash Supper Bowl ''s the fish oil...makes everything stick!)
SNACKER BOWL '03 (these are the perfect size for a nice little trail mix consisting of M&MsTM, almonds, and dried apricots)
SUGAR BOWL (I love how two-handled sugar bowls always look's the hands-on-the-hips look)

SWINGER BOWL (play it, daddy-o)
STREAKER BOWL (it's my job to take your mind off your woes...if this gives you new woes, I'm not responsible...Nude Bowling in Cleveland!)