Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Actual Transcript of a Telephone Call

Sparkle: "So, you know, sometimes the approach you're proposing can work well--sometimes not so much. Why don't we keep an eye on the process* and see how it goes?"

Client: "Did you just say no to me?"

Sparkle: "?"

Client: "Because I think you just said no to me, but in a nice way. Did you just say no to me in a nice way?"

Sparkle: "Yes."

Client: "Are you always this nice?"

Sparkle: "?"

Client: "Because you haven't said anything absolutely negative yet. And, you're so nice.** And, you seem to have an accent of some sort. Are you from Minnesota? Are you from somewhere nice?"

Sparkle: "No. Uh...where was I? So, I'll have a lot of queries for you by the end of the week, and..."

*Yes. I say things like this to clients. Yes. I do.
**Whenever someone says I'm "so nice" it kind of makes me want to be mean or naughty. This is, no doubt, a very immature reaction.