Friday, February 1, 2008


So, I just got a card from Nielsen TV ratings addressed to: TV HOUSEHOLD, MY ADDRESS, MY TOWN, MY STATE, MY ZIP.

It says: "It is my pleasure to tell you that your household has been chosen from all the households in your area to participate in a Nielsen TV ratings study. In a few weeks, an interviewer from Nielsen Media Research will contact your household by telephone to conduct this important study. Please be sure to let everyone in your household know that we will be calling. The interview should take approximately 5 minutes. Your participation is strictly voluntary and all of your answers will remain confidential. Please be assured that we are not attempting to sell anything to you. Our only purpose is to learn about TV usage in your area. We will telephone you soon. Thank you." Susan Whiting, President, Nielsen TV Ratings

Me...Me and Lily...A Nielsen Family?! HUH?

Okay, there is a little problem here. First, I only have a cell phone, so I'm thinking there's no way in hell they are going to be "telephoning me soon." Don't you think? Even if they look up my address, they won't find a phone number, will they? It will be interesting to see.

I kind of hope they get through. I'd like to do this! And, just in case they do get through, are there any shows you want me to be enthusiastic about in case it helps? You're kind of in my household because you pop up on my computer. So, I say your response is valid.


Sparkle "I'm a Nielsen Family!" Plenty