Monday, February 11, 2008

Best Grammy Moment Ever

I've given up on awards shows these days. I used to watch 'em all--Oscars, Golden Globes, heck, Miss America. I reveled in the sporting spirit of the thing and would make gentle book on the outcomes with family and friends (safe bet--Miss New Hampshire never stood a chance). Nobody's kneecaps got broken over the wagers, but I'd definitely make my bets and compare notes after the show. Prizes would be given, embarrassing moments would be joyfully relived, and a good time would be had by all.

No more. I've reached my legal load limit and I can't watch the shows anymore. Long before the writers went on strike and Mary Hart's c-cup golden globes bounced in to take over the proceedings, my stamina was worn down by endless five-hour shows and awkward hosts.

So, the five minutes of the Grammy Awards that I saw last night were a complete and happy accident. Desperate for a distraction from work, I flipped on the TV, surfed through the four channels that I get, and BAM! There it was. Keely Smith and Kid Rock singing "That Old Black Magic." I love The Keely Smith. Here she is with Louis Prima, with whom she sang--very deadpan and poker-faced most of the time, as shown below:
And then, Keely 'n Kid presented an award to the Foo Fighters and up on the stage trotted the FFers and Pat Smear.
Pat Smear of The Germs! Pat Smear of The Decline of Western Civilization! Pat Smear of Nirvana! Pat Smear of The Foo Fighters (at one point)! Pat Smear of, uh, The House of Style!

So, there he was--a giant Pat Smear lurking at the back of the stage with a swarming horde of current and former Foo Fighters in the foreground--and there was tiny little Keely Smith trying to ease and ooze herself out of the picture and boom! Pat Smear gently takes Keely Smith by the shoulders and steers her back into camera range and says quite clearly, "Hey, where do you think you're going?" It was pretty dang sweet.

Pat Smear, Keely Smith. Both outstandingly good at what they do. Both usually in the background. Both survivors. Together! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thank you, 2008 Grammy Awards. That was a good few minutes. Anybody else watch? Anybody enjoy anything?