Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Christmas Wish List...Cure Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Wish List
1) I would like a "poison ivy detector"--kind of like a geiger counter. When you get within 10 ft. of poison ivy, or a poison ivy seed, or a piece of dirt that once considered growing poison ivy,  the detector will click madly *clickety clickety clickety* giving you plenty of time to sprint away at top speed. Does this exist? If not, please make one.

2) I would like a "CSI: Poison Ivy" solvent and device. Some kind of spray that you use, and then train a laser around to see everywhere you have unwittingly spread poison ivy oil in your home...towels, bedding, furniture. Yes! Let's definitely check the dog while we're at it.  I just got all excited because I thought this might exist already. But, I don't see where I can purchase it. Crud.

3) I would like a Poison Ivy Plague Squad (hazmat suits are okay, they won't be scary because I'm wearing one myself now) to swarm through my home and grounds, armed with the poison ivy detector and device. It would be great if they could school me in which items of clothing to give up on and just throw away.

4)  I would like to not have poison ivy.

I think that might wrap up my Christmas Wish List.

Poison Ivy Fun Facts
Fun Fact 1) Poison ivy belongs to the cashew family!
Fun Fact 2) I now hate cashews! Thank goodness for pistachios, the other "glamour nut/seed."

Best Poison Ivy Info Website
1) This is a really good poison ivy website. I hope that you never have to consult it.