Monday, December 1, 2014

I Had Big Plans

For the first time in a long time, I check out my favorite blogs. I laugh. I cry. Okay, I don't cry. I think to myself, "Self, self, self. Do you ever post on this blog, self? Apparently not." Then I think, "It's weird to call yourself 'Self.' Why so formal?" Then I think, "I should put up a fresh dang blog post. HECK! Get a new banner up! Delete the mouse poll! Hoist the mizzen mast! Rock the casbah!" Then, I go look up "mizzen mast." That leads to exploring the exciting world of yawls, jiggers, and ketches. Trust me. It's exciting. It ends up with me looking at sailboats. On craigslist.

Then I get tired and sit down for awhile. Have some coffee.

Two hours later, I'm back. I realize I have forgotten my blog password. I get very frustrated trying to pick a new password. I'm locked in a battle of wills with the Google. I try one password out; Google calls it "too weak." I change a letter. Google shrugs and calls it "Fair." I add numbers. For a second, Google says my password is "Strong," and I swell with pride. Then, Google changes its mind and calls my password "Trite and hackneyed." After an hour or so (I might be exaggerating, then again I might not), I settle on a password that is so complicated I will never remember it.

Now, I'M IN!!! And exhausted. See you next year.