Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"She Got It For Me Because I Broke Jesus."

Yesterday, my sister was wearing a colorful ring that looks like one of the colorful rings that I am modeling in the photo below:It is a very affordable colorful ring. I know this because I used my very own hard-earned money to buy it for her...
...from this machine:
While my sister is not a sacred sort of gal--her religion, if any, is "kind-hearted heathen"--I knew these rings would make her laugh ("Trade these martyred saint rings with your friends, kids!") and she was wearing one yesterday while she was in a big meeting. Here's what happened:

Big Important Lady, grabbing my sister's hand: "That is an EXQUISITE ring!"
My Sister: "Thank you! My sister got it for me from a gumball machine."
Big Important Lady: "......."
My Sister: "She got it for me because I broke Jesus."*

*She did. My sister broke her Jesus ring by fiddling with it during another meeting. Jesus is now in her drawer, waiting for the arrival of my sister's friend who has promised that she will "drop by and fix Jesus when I get a chance."