Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dinosaur Casserole from A to Z

The Dinosaurs' Story from A to Z, from beginning to...?

A. The Dinos Catch UpB. Dinos Be ChillinC. Making Life Easier, Pt. ID. Making Life Easier, Pt. IIE. SurviveAnything3F. ROBOTS!
G. Dino Disguise Penetrated!H. Algernon vs. RobotsI. Negotiations Break Down!J. Robots Fly Off w/Dinos!!!K. In A PickleL. Oh NO!
M. Bertie Goes to Get...???N. Bertie & Bachelorette 1O. Bertie & Bachelorette 2P. Bertie & Bachelorette 3Q. Electric Pudding?R. To The Rescue!
S. Bertie Blends InT. Bertie Gains ConfidenceU. Bertie Makes His DemandV. Wuzzat?!W. An Angry BertieX. Bertie Meets Mr. Elf
Dinosaur Casserole, a set on Flickr.