Monday, December 15, 2014

Pork Luck Asks The Question Sparkle Has Waited A Lifetime To Be Asked!

Talented artist, humorist, and all-around Great Gal Pork Luck writes in with a question:

"I have a question for you Sparkle. My friends and i were discussing whether godzilla is a dragon or a dinosaur. I figured i would ask you because.. well.. you know...."


First, here's a gratuitous photo of a dragon I took a long time ago. I love dragons and I really liked this one a lot. Taken in Portland, Oregon's Chinatown--which got kinda gutted by the Cultural Wrecking Ball of Urban Renewal a few years ago (lotsa little businesses wiped out in favor of building condos and shiny new stuff...and, you guessed it, I liked "Chinatown" better than I like "New Condolofttown"):
Okey-dokey. Now for your question. I'm going with my gut, here--I haven't consulted Wiki or Toho or anything, Scout's Honor. I think I'm right: Godzilla is a mutant dinosaur who developed his unique

abilities (fire-breathing, flight, excellent martial arts and dance moves) due to exposure to radiation from the atomic bomb. I welcome alternative theories, but I believe that is correct.