Friday, October 3, 2008

The Week In Review: Buys Blouse, Sees Deer, Watches Debate

Sparkle: "Hi!"
Store Clerk: "Hi!"
Sparkle (picking up freakishly tiny garment): "Wow! What a cute shirt for a tiny little kid!"
Store Clerk: "That is not for a child."
Sparkle: "Really? Who's it for? It's kind of like...something a tiny Victorian monkey would wear...Or a doll..."
Store Clerk: "It stretches to fit anyone."
Sparkle: "What th'?!" (carefully stretches blouse) "Well, I'll be danged! You're right."
To sum up: Sparkle now owns something a tiny Victorian monkey would wear.
SEES A DEER IN FRONT YARD! (Sorry about lousy pictures. I know--looks like it could be a chupacabra, not a deer.)To sum up: Some week, I will get a GOOD picture of a deer. Not this week.

I'm definitely voting for Obama and O'Biden 'cause I betcha O'Biden is a leprechaun who can grant me wishes and probably has a lucky pot o' gold that will help bail Main Street and Wall Street out of their fundamental fiscal woes!!! (Also: I betcha he has lucky charms that might even be magically delicious!)

To sum up: Joe Six-Pack likes frosted Lucky Charms 'cause they're magically delicious!

Have a great weekend!