Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Gonna Go Toe to Toe With Clinky The Boy Robot

Okay. Fine. Allllll-righty. So, Clinky the Boy Robot is pretending to be in "China" simply in order to win the title of Best Blog of the Whole Universe for this month. And, sure. He's posting cool pictures of people, places, and food. And he even has posted some exciting footage of nightlife in this place he likes to call "China," which I am pretty sure is some kind of a blue screen situation he has set up in his home office. I mean, can anyone prove that Clinky is, in fact, really in China? Really, I think we're all being a teensy bit gullible. Hasn't anyone else here seen the fabulous 1978 documentary movie "Capricorn One"? Uh-huh? See what I mean? (And, okay, if you haven't seen the movie, go watch it and you will understand what I'm thinking about Clinky's trip to "China.") Also: There's a good chance that Clinky might be in China, Maine (part of Maine School Union 52). Some of the street scenes closely resemble downtown China, Maine.

Anyway, whether Clinky is doing the "Capricorn One" thing or he is, in fact, in China, Maine, this week I'm gonna go toe to toe with him. Okay. He wants to post exciting and colorful street scenes? I can post exciting and colorful street scenes, too. Here is my first such photo and I hope you enjoy it:
WHAT? C'mon. ADMIT IT. It's the biggest one you've ever seen. Plus, I believe it is the very exotic and rare Chinese Rrreereemerscher Beetle.

You can run but you cannot hide, boy robot!