Sunday, July 6, 2008

Smorgasbord Monday

The Unfortunate Incident of the Luminary Bags
These are the 12 luminary bags I put outside for the fourth of July!

These are the 12 luminary bags after dark!
The third picture that should go here would be of the shreds of 12 luminary bags that I found in the front yard. Lily said she knew nothing about it. In fact, I believe she said: "Luminary bags? What luminary bags?" but it was difficult to hear what she was saying due to the wadded up red paper stuck in her mouth...
So, What's In Your Fridge Today?
This is what's in my fridge:
For the record: The stuff that looks like cheap red jug wine on the top shelf is hummingbird food, the stuff that looks like white wine in the bottom door shelf is green wine, the pineapple will kill your mouth due to enzymes (thanks, Su!), and the murky containers all hold Fourth of July leftovers including: (1) Tomato, basil, and mozzarella; (2) Fresh corn, cilantro, cumin, lime juice, cucumber, and hearts of palm salad (I made it was pretty good); (3) Marinated green bean, red onion, and mint salad; (4) Leftover cookie dough from the doomed batch of George Washington Hats that I took to a party. Ants got in them. WHOA that bottom shelf looks like it's gonna snap.

Tidbits for Lushie Peach of Food With Eyes and Maria of Curly Wurly:

I ate at Woodbine Cottage once with my family when I was a little girl--we were treated to lunch by one of my honorary aunts--and I was awestruck. The little tearoom was simultaneously cozy and elegant, and although we never returned (I think it was a tad pricey), I fantasized about it every year afterwards. I think I wanted to move into the little cottage and have someone serve me crustless chicken salad sandwiches and lemon meringue pie 24-7. Little did I know the ugly truth that lurked behind those cheery shutters--until my sister gave me this cookbook a few years ago. Scroll down and you'll see what I mean. This food is indecently glad to be eaten--only Old Time Lemon Pie seems to understand and appear to be resigned to his fate. I think the chicken standing in the soup and the date being beheaded by its comrade disturb me the most.

And, here's another Cooperative Extension egg-related booklet for Lushie Peach! I rescued it, along with a few others, when I worked for Cooperative Extension. Last but not least, here is yet another banana booklet. I think that Lushie and Maria already have some up--and I recognize the recipes in there (banana/sardine salad, for example) but maybe not this exact one?