Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trying to Beat Clinky Who Is In "China": Day Two

Okay, so as I noted yesterday, this week I am going toe to toe trying to compete with Clinky The Boy Robot who claims to be in "China" and has some very cool pictures up today. You can hardly even tell that the photos were taken at the Farmer's Market in China, Maine where they specialize in "puppets made from ass hide" (as you well know).

Me, I can take photos, too. And, as it happens I have some very ultra-fascinating and enthralling sights for you today.

First Up: The exotic, brightly-hued dragon who glides by the house and softly illuminates the velvety darkness of the midnight sky with its fiery wonder every night. I call him "Melvin."

(Whaddya MEAN, "That's your bathrobe, isn't it? Where'd you GET such a crazy notion?)

I, too, have unfamiliar and slightly scary foods to share with you:
These are emergency eggrolls purchased right before a snowstorm last year. Some buy milk, some stock up on toilet paper, I panic and purchase unfamiliar brands of eggrolls. There were two packages in January. There is still one package left in July. 'nuff said.

This is a book by a very close, dear friend of mine who spent many years in China trapped in a Chinese bakery. Fortunately, Clinky will not run that risk because he is not in China, he is in "China."
My closet is full of authentic items of clothing from when I, myself, went to "China"--which might or might not have resembled the Junior's Department of J.C. Penney's.And this is, well, I have no idea what this is. "Robot vs. The Vampire" is the title, I believe. But, it looks more like "Robot vs. The Gorilla Guerilla" to me. I include this last item just in case there is any slight, slender chance that Clinky might actually be in China and not "China." Be on the lookout for monkeys wearing--I dunno, Nehru-flak-safari jackets. We know that robots always come out on top (unless they are fighting dinosaurs), but it's best to avoid trouble.