Friday, August 15, 2008

Hurley, Burley, and Something Grrrrly

Okay. According to Ace Reporter Lois Lane, today is Hurley, Burley, and Something Girly day. I can kinda do that! Here goes:
HURLEY! Uh, Chad Hurley, the co-founder of YouTube, to be specific. Chad Hurley is married to Kathy Clark, the daughter of "noted Silicon Valley entrepreneur"* Jim Clark. Jim Clark founded Silicon Graphics, Netscape, and other stuff. Chad and his wife Kathy have two children. I'm kinda scared to imagine what those two kids will invent--sentient cyber clams or something? Zero idea.
BURLEY! Okay, maybe it's more "Burl-I," but I say it counts.
AND GRRRLY! Yep. Well, actually they're riot women now. I've been wanting to put this clip up this week!


*I wish I had a cool descriptive phrase that always goes in front of my name like people like Bruce Wayne and Jim Clark do.