Monday, August 25, 2008

Play the Game That's Sweeping the Country! Is Dick Smiling, Plotting Evil, Or About to Bite?

1. Correct. Here Dick is totally plotting evil. Well done, my friend.
2. Oh, sweet Jesus! SMILING! Yes, DEFINITELY SMILING! Please make him stop!
3. This was a trick. The answer is "None of the above." Dick is about to eat a baby here. A very, very cute baby. He is also planning on eating the baby blanket.
4. Another trick. He actually just "made" in his pants and blamed the liberal media for the smell.
5. Aw, there's no fooling you. Yeah, it's another trick. This is Dick's profile picture in an elite online community of bottom-teeth-fetishists. I do not judge.
6. Yes, it IS tiny, but you have guessed correctly. Here, Dick is about to bite.
7. And, last but by no means least...What have we here? HOLY COW! Dick Cheney's been peeking at the "Democrat Playbook" again and he's stolen Joe Biden's trademark hand gesture. What's next? Is he gonna steal their mascot before the big game? ZOIKS!