Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sister: "Where ya been?"
Sparkle: "Working on a training module that involves Alba the glow-in-the-dark bunny."
Sister: "Well, you bet. Who hasn't been doing that?"
Sparkle: "I need to crawl back into the module now."
Sister: "Don't bump your head."

So, that's me on this day in history: I am working on a training module involving a glow-in-the-dark bunny that might have been genetically engineered for an artist or an artist wanted to make use of it after it had been genetically engineered. Alba the Green Bunny.

In an effort to ease a growing sense of "module claustrophobia" I've had over the last couple of days, I busted out today, went out and bought two glamorous black tops and an ankle bracelet (A SPREE), and got about a million new books to read. Sittin' pretty.

The question: Should I go with Michael Crichton's "Next" next or "Four Phillip Marlowe Stories" by Raymond Chandler?

As I also have six Robert Parker novels, I have the feeling that I might be drawn back into the gravitational pull of the world of Spenser for Hire. Strange: When I'm not into reading those books, I can't imagine ever wanting to. When I'm into it, nothin' can stop me--okay, maybe Alba can stop me.

Anyway, Spenser brings me to this, the cheesiest instrumental TV theme show intro music ever, 'least I think so. It makes my eye get a tic:

And as I watched that, I was captivated by Ron McLarty. Everything was looking too glossy and disgustingly smooth, accompanied by the whiny, noodly sax, and BANG! Here's Ron McLarty!Chomping a doughnut and keepin' it real! As looking stuff up online is my sole super-power, I plugged Ron McLarty's name into IMDB. I found out that he "was discovered as a writer by Stephen King, who listened to his unpublished novel which McLarty had recorded as an audio book. Stephen King listed McLarty's book, 'The Memory of Running', in a 2003 review as the best book you can not read. After a publishers bidding war McLarty accepted an offer from Viking of over $2M for the publishing rights."

I need to go now. I have to crawl back into the module and deal with Alba the Green Bunny and the awful knowledge that a publishers bidding war is unlikely to result from my work with Alba and the Modules. Sigh. I think I'm going to go find my new ankle bracelet and pretend I'm in the burlesque.

A Special Note for Redbeard: None of this is made up (except maybe Ron McLarty is eating a cruller and not a doughnut, per se).