Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dining A L'one

Here is the list of suppers that people have told me they eat when they are alone--either living alone or there's no family supper for the night:

1) Popcorn and diet soda
1a) Popcorn (the microwave sort with butter...mmmm...lots of lovely, lovely butter) and infrastructure (aka booze) (Jayne)
2) Cereal and milk
3) Frozen yogurt or ice cream
4) Chips and a beverage
5) Eggs and toast
6) Take-out (pizza, Chinese food, Subway, fast food hamburgers, etc.)
7) The best leftover pickings from a "fridge browse," microwaved
8) Food that is carefully labeled and left in the refrigerator for them with detailed instructions on how to warm it up
9) Salad from some grocery store salad bar
10) An entire meal they make from scratch that neatly scales the food pyramid--protein, carbohydrate, fruits and vegetables, etc.
11) A sizable amount of alcohol and an ill-advised "treat" from a street vendor taken to sop up the alcohol
12) Hoarded items from a child's Halloween candy stash...and an apple
13) Nothing--not "Nothing for item #13"--nothing
14) Macaroni and cheese from a box
15) Going out to a restaurant--doesn't matter what the food is, just not eating it at home
16) A brownie topped with pieces of Heath Toffee and vanilla ice cream (Redbeard)
17) Cheese cheese cheese sausage and cheese! (Cake)
18) Grilled cheese sandwich; mashed potatoes and gravy with something on the side to fulfill the protein requirement; scrambled eggs with fried tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms on the side; baked potato with broccoli and cheese; or mac 'n cheese (Cake).
19) Fish fingers/sticks with loads of vinegar and loads of salt (but not quite enough to cause a stroke) (Jayne and Lois)
20) Chips 'n Salsa; P-nut butter sandwiches (Lois)
21) Tuna Sandwich! (Pork Luck)
22) Beer and ... whatever I find in the fridge after eleven beers. Pickles? Grated cheese? Old stale tortillas? Yum! (Ege)
23) Pasta and broccoli with romano cheese; Broccoli, Worcestershire-infused ground turkey meat, and romano cheese; a pint of premium ice cream; waffles--especially interestingly flavored waffles; a whole mess of grilled Spanish onions, served with pasta or hamburger or pretty much anything else--maybe with a bit of cheese melted on 'em; generic, non-pre-portion controlled leftovers eaten right out of the pan used to heat them. (Lamont)
24) Mini-carrots with hummus or shrimp cocktail sauce or mustard; pickles; a cracker or toasted flat bread or something likewise crunchy; a slice of cheese; fruit. (Sparkle)
25) Cooked carrots, celery, cabbage, tofu, soy sauce, catchup, non-fat yogurt, and lemon-pepper (Donald)
26) Fresh veggies from the garden or a piece of fish or chicken. Bad food... salsa with corn and beans and sour cream with some chips (Ishat's Fire)
27) Bottle of homemade wine and bag of potato chips (Soup's Favorite Aunt)

Where do you fall--if anywhere--on this list?