Monday, November 12, 2007

Television...In Color!

Howdy, Pardners! I'm back from my observation of a very solemn holiday* this weekend--the milestone of having written 71 posts on this blog. Now, I know that's not too impressive 'cause you have written precisely skadiddlions of 'em, but, it's astonishing when you know that I was planning on just doin' this for a week(ish). I figured I'd limp out in a pitiful haze of lost dreams and forgotten promises, and in the second day I even had my next blog planned: Yet, here I am, hitting the big ol' 71 mark on the blog o' meter. I figured I'd better celebrate my victory in style--maybe fly to Paris or go help the Walmart guy greet people. Something festive!

Yeah, you got my number. All of the above just means that I've been buried in work. I did the next best thing to celebrating; I stacked up my giant hogpile of work-to-be-done and mowed through it while drinking coffee and watching a whole lot of television and movies. In color! Here's what I can report:

1) You should rent/netflix/watch "Kingdom Hospital" if you haven't done so already!
2) It's nice to have a tasty little snack when you watch TV, but it's hard to eat if you're typing really quickly! I'm trying to come up with a machine to help with that!
3) You should rent/netflix/watch "The Lost Room" if you haven't done so already!
4) I want to be able to watch every series all at once, with no commercials, from beginning to end. This means that I maybe can't watch shows while they're on TV and I'll have to wait 'til I can rent 'em.
5) I wish there were more drive-in movie theaters! Okay, this has nothing to do with any of the above. It's just secretly Non-Sequitur Monday.

Hope you had a wonderful Non-Sequitur Monday!

*Actually, this weekend was also Veterans Day and I remembered my uncle who was a paratrooper in World War II. He never talked about it. He was a very cool guy, and I loved him very much.