Thursday, November 29, 2007

Make Your Own Rant Contest!

Pencils ready! And, begin.

I've been seeing a _________(quantity) of those _________(adjective) _________(adjective) ____________(noun) _____________(wild card--gerund, noun adjective, whatever) _________(noun) (_______[noun] is now on 'my _______[noun]') and I realized that I only have maybe ______(quantity) _________(noun) a year.



A. Year.

How can that be? I _________(verb) _________(noun or pronoun). They _______(verb) ________(adjective) AND they're ________(adjective) for you. Yet, I have ________(quantity) a year. _______ (Word meaning delight or dismay you pick)*!

I'm gonna _________(verb) __________(noun) WAY more in 2008.*

To sum up: ___________ (noun or pronoun) _______________ (verb) ________________ (adjective)!

*Bonus words to weave in: "Every," "time," "says," "I want," "kill."