Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ad Nauseum...New white Ipana with WD-40! Oops...I Mean WD-9

Top Takeaways from this Final Entry in the Ad Nauseum Series:
1) White toothpaste is always a good idea; I don't think dark gray or brown toothpaste would sell. Points for Ipana!
2) Is WD-9 actually WD-40? Zero points for Ipana if this is the case.
3) Okay, no...WD-9 is "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate." Points for Ipana for not being made out of WD-40!
4) Oh, crap. "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate" might not be much better than brushing with WD-40. Points removed from Ipana!
5) Bonus Question: Is that little boy in the background casually drinking a cup of coffee? 40 points for the little boy if this is the case.