Sunday, October 4, 2015

Good Words!

Last week we talked about bad words, and this week we're talking about good words. Why are we posing with vintage cameras? Well, because they're damn good-looking and kinda extinct-y, like us. Nothing to do with the content of this post. Gratuitous Cameras. On to the good words!

1) Cozy.
2) Tasty.
3) Apparently I like words with "y" at the end? Anyway, here's one that doesn't have a "y" at the end: Barbara. I like "Barbara" because of a line in "Night of the Living Dead" that I like to use a lot, "They're com-ing to get you Bar-bar-a..." See, it works not JUST in this movie--which is a great movie--but for many menacing situations in life. Relationship trouble? Tough times at work? Life getting you down? "They're com-ing to get you Bar-bar-a..." will make you laugh (you kind of roll the rrrrrs in a spooky voice when you say "Bar-bar-a"). Either that or my friends are humoring me--which is very likely--but they're laughing anyway, which is all that matters.
4) Calliope. Dunno why. It's kind of perky. WAIT! Perky is a "y" word. Hmm.
5) Sassy. (Another "y" word...what is this?)
6) Frisky. (I give up, I guess I have a "y" fetish. Who knew?)
7) Crisp. (Well, sure, you could tack a "y" on the end of that one, too, but I like the final "p" sound. Cris-P.)
8) Mol-ten La-va. I dunno--I just like to say that. Mol-ten La-va.
9) Magooin'*...because I came up with it. As in "fumble through life like Mr. Magoo." Upon reflection, I spend 99% of my life Magooin' around the landscape--one way or another.
10) Sparkly.* (Geez. I need a 12-step program to get over this addiction to words with "y" at the end, huh? And: This has nothing to do with my nom de blog and everything to do with rhinestones. Sparkly. Sparkly. Sparkly. I like.)
11) Tantamount. Okay, this is kind of a "stunt" word. It's a longy, but it's fun to jump down hard on each part of the word, "That price is tan-ta-mount to highway robbery." It's kind of like bouncing on a bed. Tan-ta-mount.
12) Just for flow, I like words with lots of "l's" in them. Alluvial.

*Okay, a few more of these "y" words and I'll have assembled the New Seven Dwarfs.