Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Birthday: Stephen King, Bill Murray, Sparkle Plenty

Stephen King, Bill Murray, and Sparkle Plenty were all born on This Day in History. Stephen King and Bill Murray are both 6'2 or taller, can slam-dunk a basketball, and can reach stuff on high shelves! Similarly, Sparkle Plenty...oh, crud.

Let's try again. Stephen King and Bill Murray have both made their mark on the movie-going public--whether you want a thrill, a chill, a yuk, or a heart-break these boys deliver the goods. Similarly, Sparkle Plenty has made several highly-acclaimed (by her sister) home movies of her dog and...oh, crud.

One more time: Hey! At least Sparkle Plenty is considerably younger than Stephen King and Bill Murray! She's still pretty old, but maybe some day she'll still hit 6'2 and make her mark on the movie-going public?

To sum up: Bill Murray and Stephen King ROCK.

To further sum up: Sparkle's gonna have cake she's got that goin' for her.