Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ad Nauseum..."PluPerfect Peas!"

Pip pip and cheerio! Robespierre present and accounted for, with a few words for you concerning the PluPerfect Peas of Birds EyeTM.
1) Everybody is WAY into these peas: Geezers, donkeys, baa lambs, roosters, pigs, you name it...Either that or they like billboard sign painters creepy much.
2) You cannot eat peas without putting eyeball looking things on them...could be stuffed onions, could be stuffed eggs...they just need to look eyeball-y.
3) Note the warning at bottom right.. "WARNING! Look for the Birds Eye on the package. BE SURE you get it! Other peas will EXPLODE, hit you in your eye, knock your eye OUT, and your eye will land in the PEAS."