Friday, November 13, 2015

Ad Nauseum..."Golden Throat"

Heigh-ho, Eli Ringtail-Tooter here...I fight for justice every day, with the exception of every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon when I dedicate myself to the gentle art of decoupage. It's a good thing it's Monday because I SMELL INJUSTICE in this ad.
1) Isn't "Golden Throat" a Batman villain? 'cause this chick sure looks like a Batman villain to me. She's all shiny and kooky-looking, plus she apparently has a microphone growing out of her gazoose pipe. I find that troubling. I mean, nice Crown of Braids, but she's definitely shady.
2) If you lay down sweet coin for this state-of-the-art music-making machine, does that pretty lady in the purple hat and dress come with the radio? If not, I see precious little justice here.