Wednesday, December 30, 2009


1) If you wave at a driver who is waving at you, you should also give the person in the passenger seat a personalized wave. You do this by waving at the driver with a broad, expansive gesture. Then you cramp up your arm a little, look at the passenger, and provide a passenger-specific wave. (Note to Self: It is possible that you think about waving too much.)

2) There is nothing better than when an elderly woman shows you a picture of herself wearing children's-sized underwear. What can you say but, "Boy, you've got great legs!" And the thing is: She does have great legs.

3) When you find yourself sitting opposite a person who is very deaf, in a noisy room, trying to discuss "Black Friday," it is best to just nod, smile, and/or furrow your brow (as appropriate) rather than using actual words. You can also wink and roll your eyes. Just no words.

4) Sometimes it is best not to ask the person who used to take his pet bird with him to bars about the bird. Yes, it is a juicy topic that is of interest to you. But, it might turn out that the bird hated him and tried to kill him at every available opportunity. He might not want to relive that.

5) If you bake cinnamon on a tray in the oven, you can remove skunk odor from your house. It really works.

Enough Musings. Pictures.

Beauty Berry Bush...Goin' Strong, By Cracky!
Official Plenty Family "Dellarobbia Wreath" from when I was a kid. This year, I added the plastic tomatoes because I couldn't find any plastic fruit that I liked...the plastic tomatoes are pretty cool for plastic tomatoes--they have fuzzy leaves. I loved this wreath when I was little, thought it was pretty kooky when I was older, know it's kooky now but it deserves to hang because it is, the Official Plenty Family "Dellarobbia Wreath."Prints in Snow! (Color highlights contributed by my still-dying camera!)Drippy Lights! (Intentional...not the result of my still-dying camera)