Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Hmm, on Second Thought..." Tuesday

A neighbor drove by me while I was walking the dog yesterday. The neighbor tooted the horn: "Beep beep!" and waved in a mighty friendly way--~wave~wave~wave--
a bright red wooly mitten telegraphing warmth, season's greetings, and neighborly good cheer.

My Left Hand: Busy holding dog leash.
My Right Hand: Busy holding bag o' dog poo.
My Decision: Quick! Wave bag o' dog poo in friendly way! ~wave~flop~wave~flop~wave~

Mistake? Quite possibly. Does waving a bag o' dog poo really say "Season's greetings"? I am not convinced it does. That makes today "Hmm, on Second Thought..." Tuesday. Have a good one!