Friday, March 13, 2009

WildviewTM Cam Stake-Out '09!

Last week, the elderly fellow next door and I had a stake-out of his back yard. He's seen up to five deer feeding there at once over the last couple of weeks--he puts out corn.

First: This is why I like elderly people--well, one of many reasons why I like elderly people. They never ask you, "So, what do you do?" Instead, they say, "Ask me what I did in 1948!" And, you say: "What did you do in 1948?" And then they tell you--sometimes for 15 minutes, sometimes for 45 minutes. I love it. I always want to hear what someone did in 1948, and I hate talking about myself and that kind of chit-chat. Even if they decide to ask a younger person a question, they often don't care much about the answer. They look away with a faraway smile, nodding as you blather out some mambojambo, and then they say, "Ask me what I did in 1954!"

Anyway: Here are the photos from our stake-out. Enjoy! And: Have a great weekend!