Thursday, September 6, 2007

Breaking the Fourth Wall and Old Ad Thursday!

"Shhhhh! Don't tell! We're still in extreme, edge-of-your-seat danger. We're just briefly sidling through the fourth wall (if they leave that big hole in it, why not) to heartily thank The Queens and King of Prehistoric Hilarity (and Elegant Voles) Her Royal Cakiness, Ace Reporter Lois Lane, and the Boy King of All Robots for their outstanding dinosaur hijinks. Rock on, we say, ROCK ON! Psst! Do we have time to run and grab a latte and small vertebrate animal before we head back into dire peril? Eh, just ignore us and check out these prehistoric ads."

If you look closely, you will note that these dames are on their union-authorized "make-up break."

Hey, kids! Don't swoon! It's "model couple" Don and Eloise Phillips from glamorous Great Neck, New York! They are a "model couple" because they are both models. Neat, huh? Okay, shhhhhh let's sneak up and see if we can hear what they're saying!
Don: "Ah, isn't this romantic, Eloise? Just a quiet evening at home, me making a stalker collage of your shredding your rival's photo into confetti. Isn't it good to be a model couple? Let us smile together!"
Eloise: "Get out of my light, Don."
Don: "Eloise! Look! I have a new bathrobe! You can tell because I have my hand on my hip in that adorable "new bathrobe modeling" way that I have. Let us smile together!"
Eloise: Get out of my light, Don."

You know what bugs me about this ad? It's the little arrows that point to the prunes. They thought I would MISS the picture of the prunes. I get it, I get it, already.