Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Rosicrucians: Extinct...or ARE they?!

I bet strange things DO happen here, on top of this fine gentleman's head. I mean, there Mr. Eyebrows' disembodied melon is, sailing through time and space, gliding in and out of black holes. It makes sense that strange things are happening...
1) This ad is from a 1943 Popular Mechanics. So: The Rosicrucians: Extinct...or ARE they?

2) RIGHT! NOT extinct. And, I need you to go visit San Jose and scope them out for me because they have an intriguing Egyptian Museum and Planetarium, a boss-looking Research Library in an Egyptian-looking building, and a Council of Solace (which must have distress-fighting superheros).

3) I'd check it out for ya, but I don't want my head to turn out like Mr. Eyebrows. Not that it would. Just sayin'.