Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Sister Teaches the Basic Thrill of Golf!

My sister does not use blogger, facebook, etc. She uses e-mail for work. But, she does not have a cell phone. She does not text. Indeed, she and I share a primitive fear of texting. Perhaps rightfully so. Here's an e-mail she forwarded to me that a lady sent to her from her phone (it's nothing bad...just kinda funny):

-----Original Message-----

From: Lady who mistakenly e-mailed my sister from her phone
Sent: Some Day, Some Month, Some Year 2:12 PM (I do not know why I am making the date anonymous and keeping the specific time--just am)

To: My Sister
Subject: Thank you

Again it was great lesson with you today. You taught me basic thrill of golf. Now it is up to me to practice and continuously produce what I've learned. I cannot wait to practice when the clubs are ready next week. In the meantime, have safe journey and have a wonderful season in Palm Beach. I am very grateful to you that now I have new excitement in my life. Thank you so much and warmest regards,

I cannot explain why I enjoy this message so much. "...basic thrill of golf"? Perhaps. But, I also like the concept of "...continuously producing what I've learned..." We could all stand to do a little more of that.

Now, can someone please explain who the old lady with the party hat is that someone e-mailed to MY phone?