Friday, January 16, 2009

Important Medical Alert and Martha Stewart Visits!

If you feel a little blurry and weak, ask a friend to bring you a soft cloth STAT; it might just be "The Shipping Haze." MARTHA STEWART VISITS!
Okay, so I'm lying. But some day, so help me Darwin, I will open "Martha Stewart Living" and right next to "Refrigerate salad plates," I will read, "A cheerfully mismatched collection of brightly colored vases filled with small plastic dinosaurs can delight and surprise your guests." (Note: If you look at the yellow vase dinosaur, he is clearly saying: "Whaddya whaddya?" If you look at the blue vase dinosaur, he has clearly just told a dirty joke. And, if you look at the green vase dinosaur, he is clearly wondering what the hell is happening.)
Have a great weekend!