Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How Obama is More Like Reagan Than Lincoln(?)

Some people dig the Ronald Reagan. Others find the Ronald Reagan to be a figure of fun.

Me? I just report the news that's fit to print from the sources that see fit to print it.

A writer for Newsweek says: "Everybody in the capital is comparing Obama to Abraham Lincoln. But the more recent—and illuminating—comparison is Ronald Reagan."

I don't claim that when a writer from Newsweek says "Jump!" I yell, "Sir! How high, sir?!"

But, the article got me thinking. Maybe they're both kinda unify-y and communicate-y, but what on earth else? 'cause many good girls and boys appear to be freaking out and muttering things about "lib-rals"--it's never good when they leave out the middle syllable--destroying the country and thinking longingly of the Reagan good times. Maybe it would help them if I found some parallels?

Buckle up. Here we go.

So, everybody knows that Obama has smoked a cigarette or two. Reagan, in contrast, was not a smoker, and-- Well, holy cow. Okaaaaaaay. And, speaking of cows, Reagan was very identified with cowboys, and lord knows Obama wouldn't wear a--
Skip it. Anyhow, one thing's for sure. Think about those recent shirtless pictures of Obama. Reagan would never be caught dead without--
HOLY MOLEY! Sorry. Didn't expect to see that. As long as we're "going there," I might as well sidetrack and share this strangely "Field and Stream Playmate Centerfold" image of Putin.Whoa...Putin! Tuck your rod away and be putin' on some more clothes! Heh. Uh. Heh. Okay. Not funny. Let's move on.
One thing I know and like about both men: Doodlers. So, that's a draw.
And, both could be described as ballsy by their athletic supporters.I'm sure there's other stuff (uh, both men spent formative years in places beginning with "H"?), but I gotta call this a wrap. I guess that on this historic day of history, what I'm struck by is:

1) It works best to take the measure of a president after he has been in office and has served the country--until then, all you can talk about is cigarettes and doodles, doodles and cigarettes!
2) I really can't wait 'til Joe Biden--bless his impulse-control-deficient heart--says something off-the-wall! Will he? Won't he? How long will it be until he does?