Monday, January 5, 2009

Drago: “She’s a flop. A has been. Ran out of dinosaur ideas back in October ’07. Did you hear about the robots?”
Bertie: “No. What about them?"
Drago: "They got tired of waiting for her big, stinkin’ brain to come up with a new idea and got a new gig.”
Bertie: “What are they doing now?
Drago: “I dunno. They’re like aquarium decorations or somethin’.”
Bertie: “Man, she’s really pitiful, huh?”
Sparkle: “Hi, hi! I’ll be coming up with a new story line for you any day now, and—hey! What was that? Did you just roll your eyes?”
Bertie: “No, no. Not at all.”
Drago: "Gnurrrrr."
Sparkle: “You just did it again! Quit it!”

Today's Guest Symbolic Gesture is...The Eye Roll!"Eyes raised upward, often accompanied by an audible 'tut' is a common sign expressing condescension, boredom, or exasperation."

True Fact: An audible "tut" can be crushing. Beware the audible "tut."