Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Friday and Stuff!

Happy Friday!

And Stuff:

1) This week I was away, and my sister was taking care of Lily.

Sister: "So, you can come get her Saturday."

Me: "No, I miss her! I'll come Friday."

Sister: "But you misplaced the new key I sent you?"

Me: "Yes, but you said you'd leave the key under the mat?"

Sister: "Hmm...I need some Tab. The supplies are running dry around here."

Me: "You need Tab?"

Sister: "Yeah, bring me some Tab and I'll put the key under the mat."

Me: "Are you holding my dog hostage for Tab?"

Sister: "Maybe."

Me: "Okay."

2) This week, I went to the Valley of Fire. I was supposed to go to Death Valley, too. Instead, I got a very bad stomach virus. So, I missed the cool ghost towns and awesome plateaus, but I got a nice taste of death anyhow.

Aw, y'know. Photos are forthcoming and stuff. But now, I go in search of gingerale.

Have a lovely weekend!