Friday, January 25, 2008

Hey! I've Got A Really Big Idea!

Oh, man. I dearly love a sight gag. Can you guess how big this lightbulb is? It would probably be easier if I posed it next to a new-fangled bulb...Suffice it to say: It's biii-ig. Texas big.

I found this lightbulb in an old bureau in the basement of the cottage I just moved into. There was some other stuff in the bureau: a giant box of safety pins, a whole drawer full of lightbulbs (including this jumbo one that I cleaned up and put on the shelf with my old issues of Popular Mechanics--that just seems right), and a bottom drawer that almost made me cry because it was full of the kind of stuff grandmas collect. I think I'll take photos of the stuff in the bottom drawer and put 'em up here 'cause I kind of like the stuff.

For the most part, this is the LEAST creepy stuff that I've ever found in a place I've moved into. In the house I owned, I found some super-creepy items in the crawl-space (c'mon, you know you'll never find anything good and wholesome in a crawl-space), including a long rolled-up carpet that I fled from because it screamed "Former owner inside!" and a devil-possessed-lookin' little statue of a sailor that my sister immediately named "Cap'n Entrails."

1) What kind of cool stuff* have you found in a new place you've moved into? Anything?
2) How big is the lightbulb in the picture?
3) What's your really big idea for the weekend? I'm gonna make cookies to send to a friend and to give to my next door neighbor--the elderly man with the backhoe who plowed my driveway with said backhoe last week.

Happy Friday!

*Please note: It doesn't have to be Antique Roadshow cool to count. ("Oh, my! You mean this little helmet is worth $1,000,000? Wait. It WOULD have been worth $1,000,000 if I hadn't dabbed that little dibble of Wright's silver polish on it? What is it worth now? WHAT?" Thud)