Sunday, December 13, 2015

Incredible Infographics Explained by Algernon

Um, yeah. I am, um, Algernon. Others often volunteer me to do unpleasant things, and I am often sad about that. Today, it is my sad and unpleasant duty to try to explain this infographic.
Okay, my top 5 Takeaways are:
  1. Mice have nervous breakdowns? My heart has never ached for mice as much as it does right now.
  2. But, instead of having a nervous breakdown, that mouse looks like it got a cheap thrill by pressing the button. I am now very confused. I might be heading for a nervous breakdown involving pools of tears.
  3. Being an easy victim of Hitler looks hard: You gotta hold one leg up at a 90 degree angle. Ow. And only Hitler got to have hair--kind of a Donald Trump-like "Hair Awning," but at least hair.
  4. The Germans were very confused when the mouse became very confused and that caused WWII.
  5. At least the mouse got some cheese for awhile, man. Everybody else gets bubkes here.
Top Takeaway:
Everybody should just eat cheese and not fight each other or get zapped by electricity. Eat Cheese.