Monday, April 23, 2012

It is Nice to Have the Look of Someone Funny

Checkout Gal (scanning groceries...boop boop): "You know, I keep meaning to tell you this when you come in. You look exactly like a comedian on TV."
Sparkle: "Oh!" ( can't be good)
Checkout Gal (boop boop): "YES! Let me tell you! You have a twin out there!"
Sparkle: "It is nice to have the look of someone funny!" (I don't know what I meant either.)
Checkout Gal (boop boop): "Sure! Exactly the same! Those glasses, that hair. That smile!"
(Sparkle to self: I'm wearing my new glasses...I have dark hair...the smile...oh my god! I know who it is!)
Sparkle: "Who is it? Who is it?"
Checkout Gal (scanning...boop boop): "I wish I could remember the name. I've seen her there a lot on the TV. You know, the one that's on TV a lot! I'm sure I'll think of it next time you're in."
(Sparkle to self: Her...whew. ix-nay on the Phil Silvers. Excellent. But??? Who? Let's think positive for a moment...)
(Okay, positivity slipped there towards the end.)

Sparkle: "You don't mean a cartoon, right? You mean a comedian?"
Checkout Gal (handing me my bags): "Yes, sugar. A comedian. Have a good one!"
Sparkle: "Thanks! Have a great day!" (I'm going to have to find a new store.)