Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Low-Maintenance Tenant

I like to think I'm my landlord's favorite tenant. A non-fussy tenant, a timely rent-paying tenant, a swell tenant, a tenant's tenant--a low-maintenance tenant. Lately, I'm not so sure.

Sparkle E-mails Landlord:
Have a bathroom sink snafu that I could use some advice or help with:
1) Bathroom sink is clogged, backs up quickly if I run water, and drains very slowly. (Is it my hair? Not sure what else to blame.)
2) I hate using Drano (and am not even sure if I'm supposed to, given the septic system).
3) Tried using white vinegar, which helped a little but not much.

Is there something you'd like me to do? Drano? Something else?

Landlord E-mails Sparkle:
It's easy to fix. I can do it in 5 min. I think you can probably do it too if you want to try. Look behind the drain pipe that exits the sink for a fitting about 3/4 in. in diameter with a short horizontal rod sticking out. The rod will connect to another flat or round upright rod that goes upwards to the pop-up handle. A little spring clip connects the short rod to the upright rod. You just have to slide the upright rod off the short horizontal rod. Then twist the fitting at the back of the drain that the short rod sticks out of. Pull the short rod and the fitting out (the short rod will have a ball in the middle of it. Then lift the pop-up drain plug up. With all the guts out of the drain, run water to flush the clog down the drain.

Or I can get to it next week.

Sparkle E-mails Landlord:
Look forward to seeing you next week! What time are you back?
(In my defense, the problem turned out to be more complicated.)
Landlord is back. Sparkle greets him at front door.

Sparkle to Landlord: "Thanks for coming by to help with the sink! Something else just came up--did you happen to see the front yard as you drove in?"
Landlord: "Yep."

Something Else Came Up

Sparkle to Landlord: "Heh! Firewood, huh?"
Landlord: "Yep."