Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Science, Nudists, Soup, and Hair!

At long last! Science studies the nudists! It is so easy to overlook them...Shhh...don't startle them--here they are relaxed and completely unposed in their natural environment. Note the nudist seated on the ground. Okay, Science: Please tell me why this nudist is wearing shoes. Shy feet? The Soup You Must Eat, When You Must Eat It...Tragically, the side and bottom of this ad were nipped off by someone's scanner, so I'll never know what to put in my sandwiches in the "Lunch for the Boys" menu. What goes best with Scotch Broth? Underwood Devil Spread? (I love this ad.)
The Scary World of Hair Part I: Rasputin Gets Nowhere Near My Head I don't care if he IS world-famous hairdresser John Garrison. Note that the woman whose hair he's washing is keeping her eyes open--gals don't do that, they just don't keep their eyes open while their hair is being washed unless they feel like they'll need to leap up off the sudsing throne, spray beard-o in the face with Aqua-Net, and beat a hasty retreat.
Aw, C'mon. Men Never Had or Have Bad Hair Days Like This*...*I've had plenty of bad hair days myself, but the only day that my hair looked like this was when I was helping my friend put up some fly paper and the fly paper got stuck in my hair.

Happy New Comix Day/Wednesday!