Tuesday, May 27, 2008

World's Most Fascinating Blog Post (I WIN! I WIN!)

I went shopping this weekend. I bought second-hand books and very non-glamorous items such as spices (cumin, dill seed, red pepper flakes), brightly-colored folders (in an attempt to be more organized), and microfiber cloths with which I shall rid the universe of all grime, pollen, and grime and pollen by-products. See? I just dusted you. Be clean! (Pay me.)

Let's just cut to the books, shall we?
Here we have, from left:
"Flowers of the World IN FULL COLOR"--I plan to use this to figure out what the flower is in Jayne's picture.
"The Shy Little Kitten"--a golden book, of which only the spine is faintly visible here
"The Complete Book of Garden Magic"--the magic involved is when I remember to water the plants...I think this is the third copy of this book that I've purchased...I always get swept away by the "Magic" part and the little fairy on the spine
Two volumes of "The Mother's Encyclopedia"--there are very old, very scary photos of Hitler Youth in here
"Happy the Land"--clearly, the land's gotten some of dat ol' garden magic
"Robinson Crusoe"--y'know, I don't think I've ever read this and I believe it's time
"The Mystery of The Fire Dragon"--I'd investigate the garden fairy
"Help! I'm A Prisoner in a Chinese Bakery"--now this one is just a classic

Pardon me. I must now go and cut more grass with my Lawn HogTM. It doesn't even really need cutting.