Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Crab is Okay and Just Didn't Want to Be On Stage

My sister works at a theater. Lately, she has been sending me the notes that are shared with the staff after each performance. Lots of them are about costumes ripping and needing to be fixed, missed cues, etc. This time, the following stood out:
During the crab scene in Act I one of the little crabs got stage fright and exited the stage through the pit hole.

Crew and George were put on alert to find the crab.

She ended up walking up to the room, but the wranglers weren’t there since they were in the wings waiting for the crabs to exit.

The crab is okay and just didn’t want to be on stage.

My Thoughts:
1) I would have been that crab. Except, I might have become a frozen crab and Crew and George might have needed to carry me off.
2) I would give anything to see Crew and George being put on alert--am picturing lots of running and bumping into each other. Kind of Keystone Cops stuff.
3) Crab Wrangler: Lucrative job? Possible career to explore?
4) I do not blame the crab.

*Crab shown in picture is neither a crab nor the crab that exited the stage through the pit hole.