Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last year, the birds ate most of the raspberries on the bush in the side yard. This year, I got all the birds together (harder than you would think, they're all "There's a worm over there!" and "I gotta go chase a blue jay!" and "I think I'll fly into that window and get dazed!") and told them: "Look, have at the raspberries. I mean, pick the bush clean like you did last year. I don't have time to foil you; I don't have time to pick 'em; I don't have time to eat 'em." They responded by ignoring the bush. Here, have a berry:
I suspect my camera is dying. But, let me tell you: as it does so, it is taking some very intriguing photographs.

Here's the "Guacamole Hosta." The deer dig it, the slugs dig it, but it's holding its own and flowering impressively now (and every time I say "guacamole hosta" I feel like I should be putting out some chips and salsa with it).
Here's the "Guacamole Hosta" after my camera has its way with it (I like to call this "texture-y"):
Here's a basic picture of hangin' plants...a little rosy looking, but maybe it's the light?
Ooh, maybe it's not the light after all?
Ten dollars to whoever can pretend this picture is modern art and come up with the best interpretation of it. Or, if you're not into that, have another berry and relax.