Friday, May 1, 2009

Quirky Friday

Quirky 1: May Breakfast!
"May Breakfast" has been a tradition in Rhode Island for 142 years--it's the only state that has 'em! According to my favorite Rhode Island Web site, (check out the Cuisine section especially--there are a lot of foods that are unique to Rhode Island), this is what was served at the first May Breakfast in 1867: "Aunt Hannah Babcock's clamcakes (it was nice of her to share them), biscuits by organizer Ruby King Wilbur, cold boiled ham, cold chicken, cold mashed turnips, and homemade jellies and pies."

Apparently, over the years folks have ditched the cold mashed turnips (that seems like a very good idea to me), but May Breakfasts continue on...You missed a bunch this morning, tomorrow you can choose from at least 11 of 'em, and they continue on throughout the month of May.

Here's what you'll get at a lot of 'em: eggs, ham, cornbread, clam cakes, homemade pies, hash browns, pancakes, blueberry pancakes, bacon, sausages, English muffins, Danish pastry, cereal, assorted muffins, baked beans, strawberries, fruit cups, french toast, doughnuts, juice, coffee, tea. That should tide you over to mid-morning snack time.

Quirky 2: What is this?
That's right! It's this...There was really no reason to take these pictures--it just caught my eye.
Have a great weekend!