Sunday, April 12, 2015

So, I'm itching to take a big old trip somewhere and have been for awhile. It's on the horizon (where? I don't know yet). But, until then I'm looking at a few mementos from here and there.

Kentucky was the first place I ever flew to--to visit a friend who was in acting school. There was some mechanical malfunction and the airline put me up in a hotel, which I thought was the coolest thing ever. "Malfunction?" said I, "BRING it!" This pep squad cheer is from a different friend from Kentucky. I used to work with her, and I often begged her to do this cheer when things got grim. When she left, she gave me a copy.
San Francisco! I took the train from Boston to Oakland, CA and then traveled around northern California. Did you know that passenger trains have to yield to freight trains? They pull over and wait for the freight trains to pass. Sometimes, the freight trains turn out to be a rumor. The retired music teacher/Korean war vet who sat next to me for one leg of the journey had a timetable, and he loved to keep track of how far off schedule we were. He also told me all about being a cook in the army and making mayonnaise in giant quantities. I believe he said he used a cement mixer like machine.New York! I saw a great play with Nathan Lane there: "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Very, very funny.Miami, Florida! This is a great restaurant. The waitresses all have little handkerchiefs pinned to their crisp uniforms, and they are ninjas of service efficiency. Zzzzzzunk! They put pickles and bread RIGHT on the table the second your fanny hits the chair.
Ahhhh! Las Vegas! This is from the Liberace Museum. I was deeply disappointed with the gift shop--hoping to pick up some little rhinestone earrings shaped like pianos or candelabras and whatnot--but I did pick up this postcard. Enjoy the recipe on the back, and goodness gracious I hope you have a lovely weekend!