Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sparkle 'n The Mystery of the Mysterious Elevator

1) This elevator goes to EU--Europe! I go there every morning to get croissants.
2) Here's the thing: Where are Floors 1 & 2? Here's the other thing: I am scared to ask what they did with Floors 1 & 2.
3) YES, medical professionals, YES. PLEASE remember to REMOVE your medical gloves before touching these buttons. Blecch! Now I have the heebie-jeebies thinking that the medical professionals might forget to remove their gloves after doing who knows what on the invisible Floors 1 & 2.

Cancer Team (doctor, nurse, junior doctor): Sparkle, do you have any questions this week?
Sparkle: Yes. I have a question. What did you do with Floors 1 and 2?
Cancer Team: Not sure why the elevator doesn't go to those floors. Not sure why they did that. You can't get there from here, etc.
Sparkle: So it's not that those are casino floors and I can't go?
Cancer Team: No. Any other questions?

It did not get the big laugh I was hoping for.